Civil Rights

Police officers and prison guards perform an essential service for the Philadelphia community, but sometimes, these law enforcement officials step out of line and violate the rights of the individuals they are supposed to protect. When this occurs, it is important for victims to get in touch with trustworthy civil rights attorneys. The right attorney can help victims hold perpetrators accountable, while also securing remuneration for their clients’ pain and suffering.

Laurie R. Jubelirer is passionate about protecting the rights of her clients. She is very concerned about the frequency with which these individuals’ rights are infringed upon — and she fights back by taking a proactive approach in the courtroom. If you believe that your rights have been violated, you are encouraged to reach out to Jubelirer Law, LLC for legal counsel and representation.

Civil Rights Cases Handled By Laurie R. Jubelirer

Laurie Jubelirer has successfully resolved a variety of civil rights cases. She is willing to handle legal matters involving false arrest, cruel and unusual punishment, use of excessive force, mistreatment of prisoners, failure to provide appropriate medical care for incarcerated individuals, illegal strip search, and denial of due process. Regardless of the approach her clients choose to take, Laurie Jubelirer always maintains a proactive approach when handling civil rights cases. She serves not only as a legal representative, but also as an educator, informing her clients of what they can expect in court.

Jubelirer Law, LLC: Aggressive Civil Rights Representation

Laurie R. Jubelirer believes that all of her clients are entitled to the same civil rights. She works hard to ensure that her clients’ rights are abided by — and if they aren’t, she takes the steps necessary to deliver justice to those who have violated her clients’ rights. She has an excellent reputation throughout the Philadelphia region due to her commitment to justice and her ability to secure fair compensation for her clients.

If you believe that your civil rights have been infringed upon, you can benefit from a consultation with an attorney such as Laurie Jubelirer. She will work with you to determine the likelihood of obtaining compensation, and, from there, do all that is necessary to hold those who have violated your rights accountable.

Look to Jubelirer Law, LLC for zealous civil rights representation. 

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