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If your child has been charged with a juvenile offense in Pennsylvania, you are probably feeling anxious and overwhelmed. You are worried not only about the upcoming hearing, but also about your child’s future. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the case, you need to consult a qualified juvenile attorney to give your child the best possible chance in court.

About Juvenile Offenses in Pennsylvania

When a minor is accused of a crime in the state of Pennsylvania, he or she will typically be tried in juvenile court. Juvenile court differs from adult court considerably. Instead of facing hefty fines or imprisonment after of a conviction, juveniles convicted of crimes will face much lighter punishments. Possible punishments for juvenile offenses range from verbal warnings to time in a juvenile detention center.

Even though the punishments for juvenile offenses are not as severe as the consequences for a conviction as an adult, juvenile convictions can still affect your child’s life negatively. Not only will he or she face an immediate punishment from the court, but the offense will also be included on a permanent record that, without expungement, follows the child even after he or she becomes an adult. For this reason, it is in your best interest to do everything you can to avoid convictions in juvenile court.

Hiring an Attorney

Regardless of your child’s history with the juvenile court, he or she needs a skilled attorney to provide guidance and representation during the proceedings. The laws surrounding juvenile proceedings can be complicated and confusing, but an experienced attorney can help you understand how these laws apply in your child’s case. Your attorney will also help you and your child prepare your defense and present it to the court.

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If your child has been accused of a juvenile offense in Pennsylvania, you need an attorney you can trust to help you navigate the juvenile justice system. Here at Jubelirer Law, LLC, we have many years of experience defending minors in the state of Pennsylvania. Our practice focuses primarily on the defense of juvenile crimes and school disciplinary hearings.

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